The additional training program is ineffective if the athlete is not consistently completing the CFA WOD as a base, so do not "cherry-pick" the CFA WOD, or use the additional training as an alternative to the CFA WOD.  You must be completing a minimum of 4 WOD a week, preferably 6. Also, if you are not an "RX'd" athlete, ie you are not completing the majority of CFA WODs without scaling, then it makes no sense for you to undertake the additional training program as it is too much volume and will hamper your progress.  Rather you should focus on getting to RX'd first, before adding any additional work. We can give you some guidelines to follow to help you in becoming an RXD athlete.

If you are an Rx'd athlete and completing the CFA WOD consistently, you should incorporate the additional training into your training to the extent that you are able to handle, and then ramp up over time until you are consistently completing the additional training. Jumping in "Cold Turkey" and trying to hit every additional session is a sure-fire pathway to injury and/or over-training.  Adding one additional session per week / two weeks at a time and allowing your body to catchup before adding another is a good strategy for long-term success. You should monitor your recovery and back off if your CFA WOD performance starts to decline.  Remember, there is no way to "fast-track" your progress, but you certainly can "slow-track" it by over-reaching before you are ready.

Please note that there are limited time slots available to complete the additional training.  Be efficient and get your training done in one of these slots.  Don't spend an hour to do 15 mins of training. It is not time to chat and catch up, it is time to train. It is not OK to be using the gym for additional training outside of these hours, as there is too much impact on the classes or trainers, so please respect the times that have been provided. The trainers will kick you out if you stretch beyond these times.

Open Gym Times Available for Additional training

Monday to Thursday 4pm, Friday 5pm
Please note we will be adding more open gym times in the future.