I have been training with Jarrod for the past 5 years, regularly attending personal training sessions. The physical and mental strength gains are noticeable when running my own business, as it has certainly helped me remain focused, persevere through the hard times and solider on.

I absolutely love CrossFit classes, because my strength and fitness has improved and the friendships made are invaluable. Jarrod is tough when it comes to technique, however, I'm glad! No more sore knees! 

Thanks Jarrod. I will be sticking around for the rest of my life. This is a long term commitment which I throughly enjoy and have had many benefits both physical and mental.

- Sue Woodland

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CrossFit can seem like a scary prospect to the uninitiated. When I first started, I have to admit I was a little scared - probably not surprising given that I had just started exercising again after breaking my ankle. But now? I'm into my fourth week of training and barely recognise myself. 

In my second week I actually did 'Murph' - an amazing accomplishment for someone who ordinarily would have shied away from such a huge challenge. Every morning now, I literally wake up excited to find out what Jarrod has in store for us at the gym. And after a lifetime of team sports, exercise bikes and ordinary gym workouts, I can honestly say that I've never seen results so quickly - by the end of my third week I was having to wear a belt to keep my 'skinny' jeans up!

The Arena is a great place to train, and Jarrod is a fantastic teacher to work with. He's forever making sure that our technique and weight limits are correct so that we don't overdo it or expose ourselves to injury, whilst at the same time pushing everyone beyond their limits to do the best they can, no matter what level you are at. I'm absolutely a convert now - CrossFit is fantastic!'

- Ashleigh Harrold

Holy moly!  This morning was tough!
Just wanted to let you know a little of where my head is at with training.
I had what I would like to call an epiphany this morning.  I've always known that any exercise I do, especially with Crossfit, is about my own goals and encouraging others, friends and acquaintances alike, to meet theirs.
For the first time this morning, I truly didn't care if I was going to be the last to finish,  I just wanted to get through the whole WOD with perfect technique.  
I know you're role as our instructor is to not only encourage us to get through the session and give our boundaries a good nudge, but also to make sure we don't push them too far.  I think that sometimes this is a fine line, and I'm very appreciative of the effort you go to to ensure we find that balance.
I love the culture in the Arena.  I'm using the focus I have there to help me achieve my goals in other areas of my life too.
So, thank you very much for all that you do.

- BJ

Fifty, fat and feeling flat. At the end of 2010 I had endured weeks of terrible pain in my left arm as a result of cervical spine (neck) disc protusion/nerve root compression.It also left me with a loss of about 45% of strength in my left arm - triceps and pecs. My daugther had been doing CrossFit for 18months as part of her QAS program and I had noticed a big change in her strength and fitness. So, I decided that maybe it was a way forward for me.

By late March, I started at the 6am session. Now 31/2 months later - I have lost 12kg, regained some strength on my left side and even gained some flexibility!

CrossFit was a real catalyst for change. Together with dietary change (not dieting per se but cutting out bread, "treat foods" (desserts, muffins, ice cream - now only birthdays and celebration days like Christmas and Easter) and reducing my wine intake (less but better wine) I hope to continue the weight lose and lose at least another 12kgs.

CrossFit is both satisfying and confronting -


  • when I arrive at my desk at work in the mornings feeling great;
  • seeing little changes that mean I am making progress with my weak arm - push ups instead of knee push ups - band pull ups (still the XL band) instead of jumping pull ups; and
  •  having all my work suits taken in and buying clothes without a "X" in front of the size.


  • when other guys are doing 60kg or 70kg weights and I am doing 30kg (then I just want to leave before Jarrod can ask "what weight did I do" - and of course some days I do just leave; and
  • getting the technique right for exercises I have never done before.

Still - not one of the crew at CrossFit Arena has made me feel like a fool or loser for any attempt I've made or taking so long to finish. Feeling like a fool is my own talent and dealing with that is up to me. That's one I can't pin on anyone else.

Summing up CrossFit in one word then - hmmm, probably the best is - Lifesaver

- Robert King

I have been doing CrossFit at CrossFit Arena for the past 4 months. It is the most dynamic type of training I have ever done, and after playing competitive rugby union for 15 years, I believe I am more fit and more challenged both aerobically and anaerobically. The Arena offers the support and training facilities that can accomodate anyone that is willing to take up the challenge.

Thanks Jarrod

- Rob Emmery

Why can’t you? Have you tried? These are just a few of the many things Jarrod inspires me with every morning and ultimately drove me to fulfil my goal this year to run a half marathon.  

I had trained with Jarrod a handful of times a week for the past year, but after registering myself for the half marathon I decided it was time get serious. I started attending Crossfit 4 to 5 times a week and challenging myself physically which gave me the strength, flexibility and endurance I needed to succeed in accomplishing my goal.    

I found that by attending Crossfit sessions regularly that I had the determination to finish the half marathon and my body had fully recovered the next day – I even got up for the morning Crossfit session!  Crossfit is fantastic for increasing strength and all round fitness, I would recommend the Arena to anyone that enjoys a challenge.

- Prue Rayner


After training (with a brilliant trainer) and gyming it every day since leaving the BL house in March 2009, I was craving a bigger challenge… 
I had a friend that attended “CrossFit Arena” & Steve Willis (the commando) swears by it, so I thought I would try it out! Lucky I did.. I love it and I have become completely addicted. 

I am not the best at competing with others which is perfect at CrossFit Arena because everyone is right there with you.. helping you through those last box jumps. 
You compete against yourself, increase your fitness, tone up and not to mention smash your PBs. 
The environment Jarrod has created at CrossFit Arena makes me feel like the sky is the limit, anything is possible!! The power of thought is everything! 

The trainer Jarrod “JBone” Bowe is a breath of fresh air!! 
He regularly gets involved in sessions and shows me exactly what discipline, strength, fitness and endurance looks like. 
Jarrod is understanding, fair, full of knowledge and best of all a complete hard arse.. He sees all and doesn’t let anything slide! 
Proper technique is a must and finishing is compulsory.  

I still continue to look at the board every day and think to myself “is this guy (Jarrod) serious” and just quietly, I love it! 
I didn’t think I would say this.. but Shan & Mish have some serious competition!!! I have advised Jarrod that he is stuck with me, 6 days a week for the long run 

Since starting with CrossFit Arena in August 2011, I have lost 32cms and dramatically improved my fitness. 
I thought I was fit when I started at CrossFit Arena but really I had nothing.. it all starts now and I am very excited to see what the future brings!!

Thanks Jarrod & CrossFit Arena!!

Sammy Fisher

Eight months ago I started CrossFit and I still clearly remember how friendly and welcoming everybody was. I was a little daunted that everyone appeared so much younger than me and of course I do recall how absolutely terrified I was. 

I have always gone to air conditioned gyms where the purpose of exercising was too loose weight and somewhere in the back of your mind you think you are getting fit. It is not until you do one session of CrossFit that you realize that you are delusional.

I have just done my first half marathon, something that was unthinkable a year ago. I didn't even follow any marathon training schedule, I would run an occasional 6klm and even did one 10klm. My real training was attending CrossFit 4-5 times a week and building my endurance through doing runs that were in the workouts. Sprints of 200m, 400m, 800m, and the occasional 1600mtrs. I was simply amazed that I finished the 21.1km run feeling better than I do after some of our WOD's. 

CrossFit pushes you physically and mentally. The biggest struggle is within yourself, to believe that at the age of 45 I am not too old to start learning how to do a snatch or desperately trying to get my toes to the bar. Thanks Jarrod for never making me feel too old and for always telling me I can when I say I can't. No matter how tough it gets, you come to love the challenge of becoming faster, doing more reps, or trying to increase the weight you can lift and maybe even getting an "rxd" next to your name eventually. 

When life throws you some hard challenges and you need to keep the mind and body healthy in order to come out the other side stronger, there is nothing better than wanting to get up, go for a workout and find people that are encouraging, passionate and motivating. Thanks Jarrod for the time and effort you put into making the Arena a great place to come.

Katina. E