Toes to Bar Challenge

The 10 Day Toes to Bar Challenge starts today, Monday 17th August 2015. Over the next two weeks, we will take you through some drills, skills and progressions to give you a better understanding of what is necessary in order to  achieve , one or multiple Toes to Bar. We will be covering the following areas; 

  • Body Awareness - Setting Core, Correct Posture, Muscle Activation, Hollow / Superman Positions
  • Strengthening - Strict vs Kipping, Kip Swing, Core, Back, Grip, Posterior Chain Strength.
  • Increase Flexibility - Banded Distractions, Dynamic Stretches, Trigger Ball, Grid Roller.
  • Increase Speed - Explosive Banded and Non - Banded  Drills and Skills.
  • Movement Sequencing -  Efficiency of movement,  Timing, Multiple Reps. 

At the end of the ten day challenge, you will have a clearer understanding of what is necessary to achieve the skill and the progressions used to get there. Some of you may achieve your first rep, others may smash out multiple reps and others may work on progressions to get there. No matter where you are currently at with this skill,  you will all have something to take away, practice and improve on. See you at the Arena.